Wholesale division for domestic market


Wholesale division for domestic market

We have been engaged in wholesale business with 60 of retailers who sell merchandise through TV and newspaper media.

In recent years, Since the market is so diversified, we started proposing products and developing connection with new type of retailers such as online-sellers, crowd funding seller and event-orientated sellers.

Our products

We have been expanding scope of merchandise such as household utensils, accessories, apparel, healthcare goods and traditional products with locality.

Those are featuring storyline and them are of high functionality products

  • Shoes
  • Knitted goods
  • Glasses
  • Bag
  • Hat
  • Supporters

In-house development example

  • Mona Verissa shoes
  • Taping walker by Dr. Naoi
  • Celebrity Glass III
  • Bright color sunglasses
  • Tabletop glasses with medium / short-range lenses
  • Aoki’s beautiful walk supporter
  • Happy owl card pocket