For the welfare and health of human’s life.


We are aiming for the value-oriented company creating hope and pleasure.

Wholesale division for domestic market.

Delivering its “value” through various domestic sales channels.

Overseas export business

Delivering value born in Japan overseas.

Gift product development business

  for foreign tourists visiting Japan  


  Walking for Beauty

Our company continues to create value

Our company is a wholesaler that forms the “technology” and “knowledge” of a manufacturer with ideas and ingenuity. We want to continue to be a company that creates “value”, not just wholesalers. The value of our products is invisible values ​​such as “joy” and “Impressed”. We think and execute with you and create value.

Our business

Against the backdrop of the rapid changing economy, population and the development of the countries surrounding us, we are exploiting new market by adapting ourselves to those changes under the collaborations with manufactures and keep challenging.