Our new product is sneaker named “Monaverisa” which has good effect on shape-up of female body and improve physical endurance.

What is Monaverisa

Monaverisa is a brand name given to the epoch making sneakers devised by the collaboration with Miss Miki who runs beauty and chiropractic salon.


Monarisa Co., Ltd.
CEO Mayumi Miki

プライベートサロン モナリサ

Key to this shape-up effect is innersole built into the sole of the sneaker.

This innersole is so specially designed as to improve posture and feminine beauty.

Specially designed pads built into the innersole will make foot arch-like shape so that only 3points of foot may touch the sole. Due to this innersole, sole is moderately twisted to make idealistic weight shift during the action of stepping on the ground through raising foot.

This shape-up effect was confirmed by the experiment conducted by Prof Ishikawa of Osaka University of Health and Sports Science.

They observed changes in body balance and muscle activated during the walking of this shoe compared to other shoes.

We observed changes in leg muscle activity during walking and jumping.
These shoes twist the soles of your feet to make your body recognize the ideal weight shift.

Three colors Available

Multi white
Lame black
Multi pink

Detailed information

SellerMeiki Shoji Co., Ltd.
Available sizeS:22.0 – 22.5cm
M:23.0 – 23.5cm
L:24.0 – 24.5cm
WeightApproximately 200g (M size, one leg)
MaterialUpper material : (knit part) polyester, (lining) polyester / polyurethane
Insole : polyester / lattex foam
Bottom : Synthetic bottom (EVA)
Manufacturer’s suggested retail price13,200 yen (tax included)