デコブランシェ バッグ

Brilliant colors inherent to Decobranche and it’s smooth touch.

The series of products of Decobranche were appreciated at the exhibition of premier class in Paris held in October 2006.

 The brilliant colored pattern on the surface is products made by elaborate and manual dyeing process. This can be possible by means of combination of Japanese traditional Yuzen dyeing method and processing natural leather. In addition to this unique method, by adding special additives the pattern will turn into three-dimensional after dyeing process. So this has unique feature of both of  depth unmatched by emboss and brilliant color of Yuzen dyeing.

There are no equivalent to the series of products of Decobranche which  are products brought by quite unique and inherent technic of Japanese tradition. It’s final touch depends on ambient temperature and moisture as well as condition of natural leather. So there will be no same products in terms of dyeing color and stereoscopic effect.

Therefor it can be said that each products is so unique that you will not find any of the same as you have. This means that the product is only masterpeice in the world.


The way of pattern come out will differ due to the condition of fabric cutting.