Light control lens

All-time sunglasses series with dimming lens.

The color will be changed according to the amount of UV light, and sunglasses that protect your eyes from glare when you go out. It changes to a colorless in a room without ultraviolet rays.

Because it cuts not only UV rays but also blue rays, it is recommended for PC and smartphone operations.

Due to the diming lens, this can be used indoors, outdoors and at anytime. A stylish eye care glasses that also decorates your eyes.

UV cut rate (approx.) / Light shielding: 96.% or more, Exposure 97% or more,
Blue light cut rate (approx.) / Light shielding: 22% or more, Exposure 73% or more,
Visible light transmittance (approx. ) / Shading: 91.%, Exposure 36%
made in Japan